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Hello there! Looking for www.tarviketieto.net? You’re in the right place, but they’ve moved somewhere else – click on the link below to visit the current website. Additionally, you can also check out similar alternatives that help you look for construction supplies and building contractors right here on this page, before you go.

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Rakennustieto – the Building Information Group – is a non-profit organization focused on promoting and advocating for good planning and building methods, as well as good property management practices. Check out their catalog of products, industry news, services offered, and a few other useful links.

Rakennustieto Online Shop

This is the Online shop of the Building Information Group, where they offer a variety of books and eBooks for sale, on a wide variety of topics related to the building industry, such as architecture, construction management, design, building materials, home improvement, just to name a few of the many categories offered, and they also provide documents such as contracts, forms, and work sheets.

RT-Furniture - Kitchens and bathrooms

RT-Kaluste - Keittiöt ja kylpyhuoneet

Since 1984, RT-Kaluste has been helping people design and build good-looking kitchens, bathrooms, and interiors. They work with a variety of other companies who supply quality materials and fixtures, and they also offer free kitchen designer visits to anyone interested (just get in touch to set your appointment). If you’re looking to do some home improvement or renovation, take a look at their catalog of furnishings, wall and floor tiles, see the companies they work with, and get in touch.

Furniture Centre Ltd.

Huonekalukeskus Oy

Established in 1962, Huonekalukeskus is a family-owned company focused on helping design, build, and improve home and office interiors, promoting a variety of locally-made furnishings and fixtures and working with Finnish companies and studios, and offer delivery and assembly services as well. Check out their catalog, see the different companies they work with, and get in touch for showroom appointments.

TIP: Thinking of doing some home improvement? Live in the UK? Be an informed home owner and make smart decisions with free tips, guides, and double glazing quote comparisons from Honest John – The Consumer Champion.

Looking to purchase your home with an impaired credit history? Then visit the borrowing page for tips on how to get approved for the best mortgage deals.

3 Great, Easy Ways to Get to Know Finland’s Architecture, Culture, and History

houses in Finland's countryside

Finland is Europe’s eighth largest and the European Union’s most sparsely populated country, surrounded by Sweden on the northwest, Norway up north, and Russia to its east. It’s a rather interesting place in a lot of ways, particularly because of its history – such as being a latecomer to industrialization (1950’s) and being geopolitically neutral – and its unique contributions to the arts, culture, and the humanities such as well-regarded works of literature, works of art in a variety of mediums, and influential contributions to the world of international architecture and design, specifically in the forms of Jugendstil (or Art Noveau), Nordic Classicism, and Functionalism.

Finland has and continues to offer the world far more than just these aspects that have been mentioned, of course, but for the purposes of this article, let’s look at getting to know Finland through these avenues just so we can have a place to start from.

So if you’d like to get to know Finland and you have a penchant for the arts, culture, and design, what are the best ways to go about it? Well, here are three things you might want to consider.

Read Up on Finland’s Culture and History with this “Cheat Sheet”

What’s it like in Finland? How friendly are the folks down there? What are the things I need to know, and how can I know ‘em without having to go through walls of text? Well, the World Culture Encyclopedia has your back – check out this overview of Finland’s culture, where you can get a relatively quick and fairly good handle on Finnish society, history, cuisine, arts, humanities, and a few more interesting tidbits.

Go on a Free Walking Tour

Once you’re ready to drop in, get to know the place as a local would (well, relatively similar to how they would, anyway) with a free walking tour of Helsinki. You’ll get to visit important places, learn more about the city, the country, and its architecture, and sample the local cuisine, just to name a few things.

Learn About Finland’s History Through Architecture by Visiting These Great Places

Once you’re done with the walking tours, take it another step further by learning more about the nation’s identity by visiting its places of import elsewhere, where you can, as these carry decades – centuries, even – of history, and can give you a glimpse of what life was like then, what role each of these landmarks played, and the influence and effect it had on societal and cultural development.

Finland has a rather nice collection of historical places you can visit: discovering Finland has a collection of castles, World Heritage Sites, and other great examples of Finnish Architecture you can visit on their guide to Finnish Monuments and Buildings. Put together a list of places you’re looking to see, then get set to travel! If you’re not sure where to start, you can try Finnish Modernism’s 10 Must-sees, or go straight for Finland’s World Heritage Sites.

There you have it – a quick, three-step Finnish socio-cultural plan of action. The only questions you’ve got left now are how well do you plan on getting to know Finland, and for how long? Well, regardless of what your answers may be, just make sure you enjoy yourself and have a blast!

About the Author: Andre Salvatierra is a freelance writer who loves culture, technology, well-designed things, and great experiences. You can find him on Medium and Twitter.

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